The Tidal Wave is Coming

tidal wave cityCan you feel the rush?

It’s the top of the roller coaster before the “drop” or the door of the airplane before the parachute jump.  The difference is that you’re somewhat prepared for what to expect in those situations.  Not this one.   “Easy” is not a trait of these strategies if you haven’t been paying attention.
Here are 5 challenges you’ll face when you finally get pushed in:
  1. You think it’s a pool, but it’s really an ocean.  A pool is limited by the size of its edges while  80% of the earth is covered by water.  It’s now a global economy.  Your influence is no longer limited to your own backyard.
  2. There are no longer 5 or 6 early influencers out there for you to learn from…there are 5 or 6 million, and many of them aren’t going to offer their advanced services for free.
  3. There are no longer 3 or 4 social media platforms to choose from, there are hundreds.  People you’ve never met are going to be telling you and selling you on the next big thing.  It’s ADHD hell.
  4. You’ll try to retro-fit your old processes into the new models and it’s not going to work.  When you start dialing the lead list created from website traffic without permission from the people on it, you aren’t following up— you’re annihilating your brand’s trust and your own reputation for being customer needs-focused.
  5. You’re going to be pressed for time because you were still adjusting your swim goggles when the starting gun sounded.  Instead of developing a strategic plan and executing it, you’re going to panic and start paddling as fast as you can to catch up.  You’ll be posting just to post, connecting just to say you’re connected, and randomly distributing content to networks you’ve never taken time to bond with.  At the same time, you’re going to be holding on tight to that white donut:  The security of all the past processes and strategies that worked for so long.

The donut works fine when you’re in a pool.  It’s not as effective in the middle of the ocean.

Watch out for sharks.

Author: Gary

I'm about as transparent as a person can get because I believe transparency to be THE foundational element of trust. Trust and honesty are what bond the most valuable relationships. I've taken pretty much every personality assessment available. Here are the results: Enneagram: Type 2: Caregiver Jung, Myers, Briggs: INTJ DISC: Initiator (DI)--Visionary, Charismatic, Dynamic Strengths Finder: Honesty, Zest, Creativity, Spirituality, Hope Values Assessment: Creativity, Responsibility, Spirituality, Concern for Others, Achievement Every ounce of content on my sites is personally-produced and represents my opinion and mine alone. Whether readers agree or disagree with those opinions and ideas is their prerogative and theirs alone. I do not seek approval or validation, only spirited collaboration with real people willing to open their minds to the possibility that things will never be "normal" again, then discuss ways to move forward instead of living in the past.