Strategy? This isn’t Strategy

The word itself is shifty, implying that the intent of the planner is to deceive, and deception implies that some form of opposition is present.  An argument could be made that negotiation used to seem like a battle, but another argument could be made that the game is changing.   Here are a few highlights will stand the test of time:  

Be consistent across all aspects of your life.  Work, home, school, at public events, volunteer activities, etc.

Post content about your volunteer activities.  Junior achievement, coaching, music auxiliary, etc.

Share casual AND professional photos of yourself.  If people see all sides, they will connect better with you.

Change your idea of what a great customer is as well as what you think a great service provider means to them.  It may be different than what you have previously thought.  For example:  in the past, people looked at service providers as experts.  “What would I do if you weren’t there to tell me?”  Today, I argue that a relationship is more important than knowledge, mainly because information is so readily available.  Now people say:  “I trust you to confirm my decisions about the options/solutions I’ve chosen because you know as much about ME as you know about features and benefits.”

Make a list of everyone you’d miss if they were gone, and those who would miss you if they left.  In other words, anyone you connect with.  Historically, if someone moved from your local community, contact was perceived to be lost forever.  Not true today, so keep sending them birthday cards, their kids birthday cards, connect with them on social media,  Google them and send congratulations for successes… It’s easy today.  Chances are good that someone they know will move to Iowa.  Who will they recommend to help them?

These ideas probably don’t sound new or innovative on the surface, but try following through on every one of them.  It may be more difficult than you think.

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