When To Stop Looking

How do you decide?  And what if you could reduce how many different things you needed to look at replacing because you were totally happy with what you have?

Every month I get a thousand letters or cards asking me to look at new cars, a different bank and insurance company, a new credit card, a better cable TV provider, a great vacation, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.    And I’m not the only one who deposits that mail directly into the shred pile.  Why?

Because the 2008 Honda Civic Si sedan is my all-time favorite car, my bank and insurance company provides unbeatable service and a mobile application that’s second-to-none, my credit cards (2) have the lowest rates in the industry, Directv may not be the cheapest, but the picture quality is fantastic, and I much prefer a “stay-cation” because flying isn’t really my thing.

What can anyone who reads this ascertain?  I’m pretty happy with almost every aspect of my life.  Sure, it’s taken all of 49 years to figure it out, but there aren’t many things I’d change right now.  That’s why I can devote so much energy to doing what I do better so the people I help every day get more value from my service.  What about you? How happy are you with your current situation?