What Are You Selling??

The market is flooded with choices.  You want a new vehicle?  There are 42 different manufacturers listed on Cars.com.  How about insurance?  Interested in a house?  How many styles, locations, and prices are there?

Where can you research ALL of these things?  What can you find out?  What if you decide to buy:  Can you do it directly or do you need a licensed representative to assist you?   If all the licensed representative is doing is finalizing the purchase because it’s mandatory (by law) that they do so, what does their role look like to the customer?  What criteria does the consumer use to select the person who assists them?

The point is that all the marketing in the world can’t replace being a real, authentic person.  Most people aren’t buying specialized luxury products and services anymore…They’re buying YOU.  Perhaps you should begin focusing on differentiating that brand more than the product and service commodities listed on your website.