A Recruiter’s Epiphany

Wearing neon makes a statement to the effect of “Look at ME!”  It’s so bright that it can be distracting.  Don’t believe it?  As how the Baylor men’s basketball opponents feel.  The problem with “Look at ME!” is that once you get the attention, you’d better have something substantial lined up to keep it.  You may be told by traditional recruiters that a nicely-formatted resume and a grammatically-correct cover letter on expensive paper sent in an equally-expensive envelope is sufficient.  If you believe that, then answer this:  If that envelope and its contents are all you are using to make an initial impression, how are you any different than any other author of any other cover letter in the world?

If your objective is to stand out in the crowd, you have to go bigger than just neon.  You need to keep your target focused directly on you in a way that makes everything else in the moment seem irrelevant, and I don’t believe two pages of expertly proofread personal documentary is enough to get the job <done>.  In today’s world, the hiring manager across the table needs to see their world in a way that they could have never conceived before meeting you.