What Matters Most?

What would you do if you had more time?  What about if you had more money?  How about both?

Have you ever REALLY evaluated your family’s expenses?  How much do you spend on your mortgage?  Car payments? Other debt payments (home equity loans and credit cards)?  Groceries?  Dining out?  Gas and electricity?  Insurance?  Clothing?  Entertainment?

That’s my family’s expense list from highest to lowest percentage of household income.  There are likely several people out there with similar ratios and several others with fewer obligations. Something I’d be interested in knowing, however, is exactly how household income (in dollars) would be impacted if families would save between 10 and 15 percent per month in ANY of those categories.  Which ones would you most likely be able to cut?  Which ones are wants?  Which are needs? Which are commodities to which you are indifferent as it relates to PRODUCT, not SERVICE, quality?.  

Your response has the power to change every business-to-customer (B-2-C) interaction from this moment forward.

Author: Gary

I'm about as transparent as a person can get because I believe transparency to be THE foundational element of trust. Trust and honesty are what bond the most valuable relationships. I've taken pretty much every personality assessment available. Here are the results: Enneagram: Type 2: Caregiver Jung, Myers, Briggs: INTJ DISC: Initiator (DI)--Visionary, Charismatic, Dynamic Strengths Finder: Honesty, Zest, Creativity, Spirituality, Hope Values Assessment: Creativity, Responsibility, Spirituality, Concern for Others, Achievement Every ounce of content on my sites is personally-produced and represents my opinion and mine alone. Whether readers agree or disagree with those opinions and ideas is their prerogative and theirs alone. I do not seek approval or validation, only spirited collaboration with real people willing to open their minds to the possibility that things will never be "normal" again, then discuss ways to move forward instead of living in the past.