Love What You Do


What if worldview and personal media brand were to become the basis for hiring instead of job history or work experience?  Why would this make sense?  

You usually get a job to make money to fulfill needs and wants—you need a car, a house, you want a new TV.  So you go to work every day for a wage that accumulates into income that you can spend.  I’m not saying that having a job and making money are bad things.  What I AM saying is that approaching a job in this manner makes all stakeholders miserable—Unless you are passionate about what you do, you can’t wait for your shifts to end.  That emotion becomes readily apparent to the last customers you serve every day, which, in turn, gets communicated to the business owner in the form of complaint letters or, worst of all, lost business.

I don’t believe there aren’t enough jobs for people, nor that there are not enough people for jobs.  What I DO believe is that there are many people in the wrong jobs because they either don’t want to find the perfect ones or that employers are content with the way things are even if they aren’t operating at optimal levels.  This puts all parties in a difficult position. But what if it was easier to find the “perfect” fit?  Wouldn’t it change the way everyone sees “work”?

Maybe a big reason wages have skyrocketed in the last two decades is because employers had to start paying people to be happy.