Lead Vendors Crack Me Up

Every day at least 5 e-mails hit my inbox offering E-leads, warm leads, and hire-to-call leads.  What’s more amusing is that many discussion boards are full of posts requesting input on what leads are the best to purchase and what vendors have the best word tracks for getting results.

My best friend introduced me to an artist named Todd Snider, whose lyric, “It’s a circus out there, mama.  Your baby’s got the sideshow blues”, reminds me of childhood carnival visits.  It’s not hard to picture those companies’ representatives being the same people we’d see on the Midway:  “Hurry, hurry, hurry…Step right up!”    LMAO.

Brands’ persistence on recommending these vendors demonstrates how entrenched they are in their own traditional worlds.  They must be valuable to some people, but answer this question:  If shoppers knew they were somehow getting on lead lists that are being sold to companies for prospecting purposes for a profit, how long would those lists be?

Author: Gary

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