If I Were A….

Chris Brogan did a post a few years ago:  If I Were A Realtor .   This was back when few really understood the new media rules, or better yet, had any idea of what was to come.

It’s August 2014, less than FIVE YEARS since that post was published, and the power of inbound marketing has increased exponentially across all facets of our world.  In fact, if revised today, it could be titled “If I Were—-anything”

  • A Restauranteur
  • A Youth Sports Coach
  • A School Principal
  • A Car Sales Person
  • A Building Materials Sales Person
  • A College Graduate

What do all of these individuals have in common?  They all require some form of human interaction.  They all have distribution networks. They all use marketing systems that have proven to be successful over many years.  Here’s the challenge:  The demographics of a large percentage of consumers will be changing significantly in the next 10 years.  They will be taking their parents’ place in the market for these goods and services, and will have a significant amount of wealth to fund their purchases.  What they’ll also have at their disposal is something their parents weren’t as adept at using:  The Internet.  It has already changed how business gets done…have you adapted your sales training manuals to these changes?