CX From A Customer’s Point-Of-View

This is the new normal:  

Dear Professional Services Provider:

We would LOVE to remain/become your customer, but you make it really difficult when you choose not to listen to how we want to be served.  Here’s what we mean:

A customer wants a seamless experience, every time.   If we have to make mandatory purchases, fine. But once we’ve signed up, we don’t want to discuss it again unless the prices we’re being charged increase for no apparent reason.  Then we want to know why—immediately.  

When looking for a new company, we ask friends and family for input. We’re more comfortable with personal introductions.  However, in order for us to research you online, you must BE online.  If you’re not where we want you to be, you don’t exist. We won’t waste any personal time looking for you.   

What are we really looking for?  A trusted partnership rather than a transaction. It’s even better if we share complementary world views and you’re empathetic to our demanding lifestyle. When we’re talking about the really important things in life, a personal human relationship can never be replaced.

If this all makes sense, we look forward to working with you.


Your Current and/or Future Customer

If that sounds consistent with the experience you prefer, I’d be happy to take care of you. Just contact me using the form below.

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