Book review: Permission Marketing

Seth Godin and I have never stood face-to-face, but his teachings have had a profound impact on my business’ vision.  His marketing insights are the inspiration for this blog’s title and content.

“Permission Marketing” completely dismantles every conceivable argument for traditional interruption strategies.  The reader is asked to mentally engage in situations where they are being solicited, interrupted, or distracted, all of which successfully trigger emotional responses.   At the peak of frustration, Mr. Godin outlines specific rules and steps for integrating an opposite strategy into your daily marketing routine that is centered on relationships instead of interruptions.

Reading “Permission Marketing” once isn’t enough. The concepts presented are so advanced that your head will be spinning and you’ll have no idea where to start.  If you follow Seth’s Blog, you know that STARTING is exactly what he wants you to do. Reading the book and placing it back on the shelf doesn’t do anything but delay the inevitable, leaving you light-years behind the few competitors that actually choose to take his visions seriously.

(On second thought, maybe you shouldn’t read it…  Being way ahead of the pack is a pretty good feeling.)



Author: Gary

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