Anonymous Calls Don’t Get Answered

anonymous photoThere used to be ONE great customer whose caller ID appeared as “anonymous” that I was excited to talk to, that is until telemarketing companies decided to make hiding their phone numbers a best practice.

Playing practical jokes on each other has always been a favorite pastime around our house.  Imagine being handed a glass of lemonade that turns out to be limeade, or taking a drink from a pop or beer can that had been filled with water or spiked with a hint of vinegar.  If you’ve done these things to anyone, you’re likely recounting the memory of being chased by the targeted person while laughing hysterically.  If you’ve been on the receiving end, it’s quite probable that just hearing a relevant word or phrase is enough to cause your taste buds to short-circuit.

That’s exactly what seeing the word “anonymous” on their caller ID does to a lot of people these days.