About Me and This Site

Take ownership of what you can control and let go of what you cannot.

“Visionary”, “Linchpin”, “Change Agent”, “Rebel With A Cause”.  The goal every day is to earn such labels while working to protect individuals, families and businesses from potential risk of loss.

“Stop The Interruptions” was originally created because I like junk mail, SPAM e-mail, robo-calling, telemarketers, or door-to-door solicitors less than almost anyone.  I’ve never been a fan of micromanagement and lengthy business meetings, the content of which could have easily been distributed in an email.  And I have a passion for helping people navigate the human resources and recruiting environments—my kids are now adults.

The world has been complacently locked in the status-quo since the Industrial Age.  In November 2019, the global economy and workforce were turned upside-down.  The “way it’s always been done” will never be that way again.

Ironically, this new reality is what I’ve been planning for, though no one anticipated this kind of entrance.

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