The Titanic Effect

Titanic photo
Photo by State Library of Queensland, Australia

The Titanic was the largest, most indestructible ship of its time.  Three specific scenes of the movie serve as analogies for this message.  The first featured one young sailor positioned high up on the observation deck with a pair of binoculars.  His job was to report to the Captain any obstacles or threats he saw in the distance.  The second showed the men in the bowels of the ship, literally 50 feet below water level, who were responsible for fueling the engines that propelled the gigantic vessel. The last featured the Captain when he received the call from the kid on the observation deck about the iceberg.  His commands to initiate evasive action came far too late, but included a seemingly confident tone as if he truly believed no little iceberg could ever take down the Titanic.

Today, scientific research is telling us that icebergs have a far greater impact than putting holes in the sides of indestructible cruise ships:  They are now believed to be the source of climate change for the ENTIRE PLANET!!!  If the Captain would have known that, perhaps he would have given the iceberg greater respect.

So…Where is this headed?

For years, thought leaders have been shining their lighthouse beacons for all to see from nearly any observation deck on any ship within a hundred miles.  These mentors have charted the course for the creation and implementation of strategies necessary to navigate the tumultuous seas known as today’s marketing world.  Yet, a significant number of companies in various industries have chosen to maintain full speed ahead.  Some Captains sense that danger is lurking in the distance, but the data they are being provided suggests staying the course is the safest strategy. Instead of preparing for any unforeseen circumstances, officers continue partying in the ballroom, since their biased statistical analyses present no cause for alarm… the waters they are currently sailing through are calm.  There’s also a fear of being thrown overboard if anything is reported BESIDES what the Captains want to hear.  And the idea that there aren’t enough life boats is becoming more real each day.

In case you forgot how it ends:  The Titanic sank.